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Whitby shores Landscaping


The Business

Whitby Shores Landscaping is a local, full-service landscaping company that offers complete backyard makeovers, custom interlocking driveways, winter snow removal, lawn maintenance and more.

The owner felt that their existing website didn’t reflect their level of service ability very well and it wasn’t delivering new leads as expected.

The Goal

This local landscaping company needed a website that:

  • was fast and loaded quickly
  • was easy to use for visitors
  • enabled visitors to easily locate the services and information they wanted
  • provided consistent contact information
  • included visuals that showed the quality of their work
  • included a “Projects” area with visuals and text to walk people through some of their jobs
  • included a detailed “Process” page to show people what to expect during the course of a project
  • connected with viewers and addressed the types of concerns most clients have
  • increased viewer traffic
  • converted more website visitors into customers

The Solution

To address these challenges, I put together a plan that:

  • optimized the overall website page speed
  • organized and restructured their services
  • included a redesigned website that implemented larger, more appropriate images and messaging for a better connection
  • had a clear and consistently placed call to action
  • optimized their on-page SEO for all of their website pages
  • optimized their local SEO

The Result

Within a few months, the website was receiving not just more traffic, but more qualified leads that were turning into clients.

The website is now much easier to navigate and people get a good sense of what this company can do and how things will work if they hire them.

It’s always important to let people know what you do, what you can do for them, how it all works and how to get the process started.

We were able to do this effectively and the results really do speak for themselves.

Whitby Shores Landscaping Project Website Screenshot

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