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Edit Extreme

This Project required:

The Business

Located in Toronto, Edit Extreme is a local video editing and video production company that offers high-end services for less than industry-standard pricing.

Their website had become outdated and, with virtually no visitors to speak of, it was time to improve both their organic and local search visibility.

The Goal

This local video editing company needed a website that:

  • was quick and simple to use
  • quickly enabled visitors to find the services they need
  • quickly established what they offered
  • allowed people to get quotes
  • was visible in the search engines
  • connected with local searchers
  • converted website visitors into customers

The Solution

To address these challenges, I put together a plan that:

  • hosted the website in a proper environment that was fast, provided website security, backups and an SSL certificate
  • optimized the overall website page speed
  • used lots of white space and clearly identified important content elements such as contact and individual service information
  • included ‘proof of concept’ images and testimonials
  • provided users consistent contact opportunities¬†
  • optimized on-page SEO
  • optimized their local SEO

The Result

After analyzing the services they offered, we realized that some of them had been under-represented and were strong opportunities to capitalize on other weaker websites offering similar services.

Almost immediately, the website began competing for more difficult keywords. Website traffic levels consistently increased, as did the amount of leads using their contact information.

The fresher look to the website also enabled people to move freely throughout the site and quickly find the information they were after.

Our decision to include their service pricing was also hugely successful as it provided users with all of the information they needed to make a decision.

For a very reasonable investment, the website’s owner was able to recoup his costs within a matter of just a few months and has been enjoying consistent leads ever since.

For this business, simply finding a few new clients can lead to months of work.

They didn’t have to be number one for everything and they didn’t have to spend thousands and thousands of dollars to get results.

Edit Extreme Projects Website Screenshot

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