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i'm about delivering websites that deliver customers. Period.

Hi there, and thanks for stopping by. My name is Kevin, and I have been working with websites & SEO for more than 20 years now. I still love what I do and I especially enjoy helping small business owners make sense of all this.

I appreciate that there is a ton of misinformation out there and that pricing and actual results are way too far apart a lot of times: You’ll always pay, but getting something good out of it isn’t always the result. I get it, believe me.

You’ve probably spoken with several supposed “SEO & Website Experts” and they’ve all told you different things. You’ve been paying for what seems like years now and you’re still no better off. I hear it all the time.

I’ve also seen all of the SEO tricks and trends come and go and I really know what really works. Seriously.

If you’ve been around this block a few times and want to get your website noticed by the types of visitors that will actually use your services, please give me a few moments of your time. It’ll be worth it.

About Affordable SEO & Website Design Company Toronto

Let's Get Rid of The Noise

One of my major strengths lies in identifying what needs to be included on your website and, more importantly, what doesn’t need to be there.

A person viewing your website needs to immediately know what you do, what you offer and how purchasing your products or services will benefit them.

If your website continues missing the mark, it will affect your bottom line. And that’s bad.

I’ll help you get rid of the noise.

My Clients Get Results

Using the right keywords, structure and the types of clear messaging and visuals that speak directly to what people need, I’ve been able to help my clients not only target the right people, but convert a lot of them into real customers.

And I do it for a lot less than a “Design Agency” might charge, too.

Want To See For Yourself?

Printing Company

Web Design & SEO

The Toronto printing industry is extremely competitive and this company not only needed solid SEO, but a website that was simple to navigate and conveyed their strengths.

Real Estate Agent

Web Design & SEO

With an estimated 50,000 agents in the G.T.A., this local real estate agent needed to clearly define what made his services different and drastically improve his organic SEO traffic. 

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