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Accent Clear

This Project required:

The Business

Located in Toronto, Accent Clear offers courses, classes and online training in accent management and reduction.

Their website was quite outdated and wasn’t conveying the type of professionalism and confidence that it could.

It also didn’t have much traction with the search engines.

The Goal

This local company needed a website that:

  • was fast and easy to navigate for users
  • clearly conveyed the services being offered
  • enabled visitors to easily find what they need
  • provided a clear call to action and simple path for people to start the process
  • was visible in the search engines
  • connected with local searchers
  • converted website visitors into clients

The Solution

To address these challenges, I put together a plan that:

  • moved the website into a proper hosting environment that was fast, provided website security, backups and an SSL certificate
  • optimized the overall website page speed
  • organized the services into easily identifiable sections
  • optimized on-page SEO
  • optimized local SEO

The Result

The updated and fresher website now reflects more of the owner’s style and conveys its message clearly.

People visiting the website – many of whom do not speak English as a first language – are finding it simple to both understand and navigate, which in turn results in more leads.

The true purpose of a small business website such as this is to connect with users in a way that converts them into customers and clients.

Clean and simple works a lot more often than you might think.

Accent Clear Projects Website Screenshot

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