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Privacy Policy for

Following are a few specific privacy policy items that you should be aware of while visiting this website.

I'll keep this simple, as no one really reads or understands this stuff anyway:

  1. If you contact me, either by telephone or by the contact form provided on the website, any info you send is then shared with me.
  2. Please disable 'cookies' in your browser's preferences if you do not want your visit to be tracked on this website by such companies as Google Analytics. I use it for my statistics.
  3. I do not share your information with anyone, nor do I sell or trade it to advertisers or any third parties.
  4. Any pricing mentioned on this website is subject to change and is not binding in any way.
  5. Any advice or other information on this website is provided solely for educational purposes and I cannot be held accountable for any misapplications of said information on your behalf.

And that's that. Enjoy your visit.


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