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Forget about binding monthly contracts and forced obligations. 


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You have a small business website in the Toronto area and you’ve been searching for “affordable SEO companies“.

You still aren’t sure which SEO services work, what you need, how much SEO should cost or what to do next. 

Sound about right?

I’ve been doing SEO since 1998 and I know what works, what doesn’t, and what will work for your business.

I only use long-term, affordable SEO strategies that work and have a successful track-record to prove it.

“Working with Kevin on our website was an absolute pleasure! Always available, very efficient, and able to work with our budget. Our website looks great and we have definitely seen an increase in views and business as a result.”

Danforth Veterinary Clinic

SEO Is A Lot More Than Just Keywords

A lot of people think that SEO is just about magically sprinkling the right keywords in the right places and, voila: you’ll get top SEO rankings.

This was true years ago, but these days successful SEO is about a LOT more than spamming a website with keywords.

Google now also wants to see positive engagement with a website. 

How long a person stays on your site counts, along with the amount of pages he or she views. The longer a person stays on your site, the more relevant it must be and Google will rank you higher because of those factors.

Does your website currently engage its visitors with appropriate and enticing visuals and messaging?

Are they really able to find what they need and take the next step?

I’ll help you create a clear and effective path for your website visitors.

Affordable SEO Toronto
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Let's Find Your Real Competitors

When it comes to small business SEO, an often overlooked variable is the level of real competition.

I can tell you exactly who is ranking for your keywords, and, more importantly, why they are getting those rankings.

Small business SEO is all about beating your competitors. Whoever comes up today on Google’s first page for your keywords is who you have to beat.

That’s it.

It’s not a mystery and it really isn’t that complicated.

Let’s find out who you are actually competing against and create a strategy to not only take their spots, but with messaging and visuals that will connect with your visitors.

Expect More From Your Website

Simply “having a website” is a lot different than “having a website that gets traffic and converts it into clients“.

Your website is in the position to do the heavy-lifting for you and represent your business 24/7.

Why should people do business with you instead of your competitors? What makes you different? Or better? What do you really offer?

If we can answer these questions, we can not only target people searching Google for your services but convince them to do business with you as well.

For a small business website, that’s real SEO-success!

You might be surprised at how quickly we change your current messaging and create the type of SEO results and overall messaging that will.

Affordable Small Business SEO Services Toronto
Wade Kovacic
“I contacted Kevin to help my SEO where another company had let me down terribly. Kevin cleaned up my site and in just a short period of time I started to rank highly. I recommend his services to everyone.”

Wade Kovacic

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I Will Develop An SEO Strategy For You

 I’ll examine your website, services and competitors in your industry and then create a completely customized SEO plan made just for you. Let’s start with a website audit and go from there!

You Start To See Better SEO Rankings

 I’ll focus on what Google – and potential customers – actually want and build SEO rankings that bring you more qualified traffic and sales. Real SEO results are measured by conversions.

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