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Client Testimonials

see what my clients have had to say

I have been fortunate to have worked with so many wonderful small business owners over the past few years and I’m proud of the results I’ve been able to get them. See what they’ve had to say about me and the work I’ve done for them.

"I contacted Kevin to help my SEO where another company had let me down terribly. Kevin cleaned up my site and in just a short period of time I started to rank highly. I recommend his services to everyone."
Wade Kovacic
Wade Kovacic
"Kevin was great to work with and really helped me get my site visible to a wider audience. It was amazing to see how the search rankings and subsequent page views went up once I brought him aboard."
Geoff flynn
Geoffrey Flynn
"Working with Kevin on our website was an absolute pleasure! Always available, very efficient, and able to work with our budget. Our website looks great and we have definitely seen an increase in website traffic and new business clients as a result."
Danforth Veterinary Clinic Client Testimonial
Danforth Verterinary Clinic
"It was a pleasure to work with Kevin. He goes beyond the call of duty and works the little details. SEO is a hard road where you are never sure what is exactly real and necessary and it was great finding Kevin. Thanks for the fine work."
Jonathan Perlman, Toronto
Jonathan Perlman
"Exceptional service, excellent communication. YouRankWell and Kevin are a real gem in the world of SEO and I couldn't be happier with the service I received. He immediately identified an under-promoted area of my business and I was ranking within months."
Ian Pearson
Ian Pearson
"I love my website! It's easy to move around and the profiles of the properties are great. Love the details included in the services that are a big part of moving. This site provides what Buyers and Sellers need from a Realtor. Awesome Job!"
Val Ralph Testimonial
Valerie Ralph
"Kevin was the only person who met our criteria and budget and he rebuilt our company website to meet current SEO standards, made it mobile accessible and improved the look of the site, many times going above and beyond what was required."
Pawel Matonog Roofing Company SEO Client Testimonial
Pawel Matanog
"Working with was like working with a team member at our design agency. We learned a lot from working with Kevin, helping us better understand SEO and what is involved. Our clients are happy with the results he was able to deliver as well."
Lucien Stephan
Lucien Stephan
"Thank you Kevin for developing the best website we've ever had! Your attention to detail was so appreciated as was your creative copy writing and know how in laying out our site for maximum impact. You exceeded my expectations!"
C.A. Browne
"Kevin was able to explain the steps involved and helped me make critical decisions about what information would be useful, relevant and attract customers. Months later I am extremely busy and would gladly recommend Kevin to others."
Paul Sonnichsen
Paul Sonnichsen
"Kevin got our printing company a lot of traffic and business and we know that our industry is an extremely difficult one to compete in. He's an honest guy and we recommend him to everyone."
Rob Fammartino
Rob Fammartino
"Kevin is incredible to work with and I cannot recommend him enough! Kevin genuinely cares about helping out small business he has transformed my website and educated me along the way."
Caroline Maunder
Caroline Maunder

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