Disclaimers For Website Usage & SEO Services

The following is my website disclaimer while you visit YouRankWell.ca:

Any information contained within Yourankwell.ca is offered solely for informational / educational purposes.

If you choose to go ahead and implement any of it on your own website, I cannot be held liable for any negative effects you or your business may experience.

And these are my SEO services disclaimers:

Disclaimer #1: No guarantees of “Number One” rankings.

This also includes “Top Ten Rankings” for any keywords or phrases. My goal is to get you good rankings, but they may come in the form of broadened search terms. If you are a local real estate agent and insist on ranking for “Best Real Estate Agents”, it isn’t going to happen no matter who you hire.

Disclaimer #2: I will require a retainer.

My initial consultation with you is free, however there comes a point when I need to be paid for my time. If you are serious about your project and hiring me, this shouldn’t be a problem.

Disclaimer #3: I can hold your spot for 7 days.

I accept projects as they come and turn away others if I am too busy at that particular time. If you fail to update me on your status or schedule, I have to move on after 7 days. It’s only fair.

If you are going to be busy for a few days or more, please let me know and we can continue whenever you do become available.

Disclaimer #4: All payments made to me are non-refundable.

All of my work is done in ‘good faith’ and the process behind it and strategy I take will have been explained to you in advance. Great results are sometimes the result of trial-and-error and are part of the overall process.

Disclaimer #5: I reserve the right to bill you for all of my time.

This seems fair, and even though I don’t typically bill for calls or email, I may need to if the amount of time spent on them begins to affect the amount of time I can spent on actual work. No one’s time is always free.

Disclaimer #6: SEO is done over time.

You’ve undoubtedly heard this before, but SEO is an ongoing process. If you stop working on it, some of your competition probably won’t and you will lose some ground in the search engine rankings over time. I don’t bother with contracts, however you should understand that halting the SEO process typically means fewer gains for you in the future and that I can’t be blamed for them not lasting.

Disclaimer #7: You cannot interfere with my work.

This one is very important and means that you cannot, knowingly or otherwise, delay my efforts or make any changes to my efforts without my prior consent. This would include things such as:

  • Adding, removing, renaming or otherwise changing any files, folders, web pages or anything else related to your website.
  • Making any changes on a web page that I have already worked on or that is considered to have been optimized by me.
  • Creating links, whether to or from, other websites and / or directories.

You understand that you are solely responsible for such changes and that they will be made at your expense.

Disclaimer #8: New websites take longer for the search engines to index.

If your domain name and / or website are new, it will be a matter of months before you will see any consistent search results. There is no process in place to “speed things up” and you just need to be patient. I can work on it in the meantime so as to be ready when it does start to show up, but you won’t see any sort of real results for a while.

Disclaimer #9: “Local Search” is different than “Organic Search”.

Well, they are similar in some ways but different enough to make a distinction here. If you don’t have a physical business address, you probably aren’t going to beat the websites that do in the local searches.

Local SEO exists for a reason and simply saying you are local is different than demonstrating it with a physical address.

Disclaimer #10: Third Parties may impede progress.

I typically work alone and make changes to your website directly and on your behalf. I don’t mind handing these changes off to someone else – like your “web designer” – but I cannot be held responsible if those changes are not made to the website in a timely manner or applied correctly.

Keeping it simple isn’t always as straightforward as it may seem.

I try to keep things as simple as I can, but as with most agreements – and partnerships in general – some things need to be outlined from the start. I’ve gone over some of the most important aspects of doing SEO for people and it’s best for both of us if it is acknowledged before doing anything else.


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