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Val & Company

This Project required:

The Business

Val & Company is located in Elliot Lake, Ontario, and is owned by Valerie Ralph, a real estate agent who buys and sells homes for clients but also offers extra services such as home staging support, moving company recommendations, community integration supports and more.

Known as an affordable retirement community, Elliot Lake is located in a somewhat remote geographical area and finding reliable services can be difficult.

The Goal

This real estate agent needed a website that:

  • was fast and easy to use for visitors
  • quickly established the difference in what Val offered versus regular real estate agents
  • quickly and clearly conveyed its services
  • showed local home listings
  • provided a clear call to action for users to follow
  • appealed to a specific demographic
  • was visible in the search engines
  • connected with local searchers
  • converted website visitors into clients

The Solution

To address these challenges, I put together a plan that:

  • moved the website into a proper hosting environment that was fast, provided website security, backups and an SSL certificate
  • optimized the overall website page speed scores
  • made the opening home page headings as clear and concise as possible
  • used lots of white space and clearly identified important content elements such as contact and individual service information
  • used appropriate images to connect the content
  • used larger fonts
  • optimized the on-page SEO for maximum indexing
  • optimized her local SEO for maximum visibility

The Result

Launched in mid-2019, the website quickly began to compete with the more established company websites in the area.

The messaging is very clear and her website visitors have been responding in a positive way.

On average, they’re spending 4+ minutes on the website and viewing more than 4 pages per visit.

For a niche project, it has worked out well for Val and her investment has already been paid for several times.

Val & Company Projects Website Screenshot

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