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Red Hot Printing Inc.

This project required:

The Business

Located in Toronto’s west-end, Red Hot Printing needed a website that was fast, user-friendly and that provided its users with the information they needed in a clear and efficient manner.

The Goal

This local printing company needed a website that:

  • was quick and ultra-easy to use
  • enabled visitors to easily find what they need
  • provided consistent contact information
  • allowed people to get quotes
  • allowed people to upload their files
  • was visible in the search engines
  • connected with local searchers
  • converted website visitors into customers

The Solution

To address these challenges, I put together a plan that:

  • moved the website into a proper hosting environment that was fast, provided website security, backups and an SSL certificate
  • optimized the overall website page speed
  • used a website design with lots of white space and clearly identified important content elements such as contact and individual service information
  • added a printing quote page with a clear and easy to use form
  • added file upload elements to all of their contact forms
  • added pricing tables to each service page
  • optimized their on-page SEO for all of their website pages
  • optimized their off-page SEO that included backlink acquisition
  • optimized their local SEO visibility

The Result

Overall, they now have a fast website that allows users to quickly find what they need, contact the shop, get a quote for their project  and upload their files.

Locally, website traffic drastically increased and the shop comes up for many other printing-service keywords searches and for “Toronto” in general.

User engagement with the website is quite high now with an extremely low ‘bounce rate’ of 12%, an extremely high page view rate of more than four (4) and average session duration of more than two (2) minutes.

Successful stats vary by industry, but these are remarkable results judged by anyone’s standards.

Their website visitors are now engaged, finding what they need, liking what they see and contacting the company.

Now these are real results.

Adding their service pricing was also hugely successful as it built trust with people and set the company apart from competitors, many of whom do not publish their pricing at all.

The most important result is that about 50% of the website’s visitors connect with the shop, most of whom becoming paying customers.

Red Hot Printing Inc. Screenshot

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