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July 23, 2017
Transfer a Google Analytics account to new owner

How To Transfer A Google Analytics Account To Another User

It used to be difficult to transfer a Google Analytics account to a new owner. Not any more. I run into a lot of clients who […]
July 2, 2016
Wordpress plugins, themes and hosting.

WordPress Plugins, Themes & Hosting

When it comes to having a WordPress website, a lot goes into deciding which plugins, themes and hosting provider you will use. Part of my business […]
June 12, 2016
SEO Company Costs Toronto & Durham Region

SEO Costs: Monthly Fees, Contracts & Rates

SEO costs and pricing explained for your small business website in Toronto and Durham Region. Every business with an online presence really should hire someone – […]
June 11, 2016
SEO clients that suck.

Bad SEO Clients That Suck

Learning how to recognize bad SEO clients can save you a lot of time, energy and grief in the long run. Bad SEO clients are always […]
June 3, 2016
SEO scams Toronto and Durham Region

SEO Scams Toronto

Watch out for the following SEO scams and learn how to spot them before they take your money. Potential clients contact me all the time and […]
April 12, 2016
Bad SEO mistakes for small business

Bad SEO Mistakes

The case of “Spammy Bill”, bad seo mistakes and how all of his crappy websites lost their rankings as a result of Google’s algorithm updates. I […]
April 12, 2016
Free SEO tips for small business websites in Toronto

75 Free SEO Tips For Small Business Websites

Useful free SEO tips for small businesses that includes local SEO, long-tail keyword selection, content and website structure, finding niche markets and more! As an SEO […]
April 7, 2016
Guaranteed SEO for small businesses

Guaranteed SEO Results

Been offered guaranteed SEO results? When it comes to organic search, no SEO company can guarantee search engine rankings, website traffic or sales. I’m sure you’ve […]