Website Updates and Maintenance

Need affordable & fast website updates for your small business website in Toronto or Durham Region?

Are your website updates starting to pile up? Haven’t updated your website in a while? Not sure how to do it yourself? Don’t have the time for your website updates? Don’t like messing around with your website? Can’t get your current web-guy-or-gal to do it in a timely manner?

Don’t worry about it.

Website updates and maintenance Toronto & Durham Region.

Complete website updating, maintaining and design services for Toronto and Durham Region.

These are realities for just about any small business with a website in need of updating, and, I just happen to offer these services in Toronto and Durham Region.

Problem solved.

And, in case I haven’t convinced you to try me out, here are a list of things I can and will do for you. And quickly, too.

Same-day website updates.

I’m pretty much glued to my laptop anyway, so your request is seen immediately and I get to it right away. Hard to beat that, and you get to check it off of your list.

Real-time billing.

I bill by the hour and the minimum time is 15 minutes, not an hour. This is an important thing to note, because you basically get 4 updates per hour if each task takes less than 15 minutes (which a lot usually do).

Your usernames and passwords, all in one place.

This is probably the number one issue I come across and I will ensure that you have access to all of your information. Between your hosting server, domain name, social media accounts, Gmail and whatever else, it’s important to have quick access to these things in order to be efficient. I’ll help you gather everything and you can count on me to keep it that way.

Website backups and security.

In a perfect world, backups wouldn’t be necessary and hackers wouldn’t exist. But, since they are and they do, someone needs to keep an eye on things and I make it part of my monthly maintenance schedule as a matter of routine.

Web page forms.

I can add any kind of form you need pretty easily. Contact forms and forms for uploading files are the most common, for example.

Email addresses.

I can add and set-up email addresses for you without any trouble. Give me the name of the address you’d like to have and I’ll enable it and help you set it up on your end whether it’s on your computer, mobile phone or both.

Content additions to the website.

I can add a page or section of content for you easily enough and even add a new piece to your menu structure if need be. Images, text, menu items, whatever. I gladly work with WordPress websites & Themes and most CMS platforms and it’s always easier for me to do the SEO on your website if I have access to making changes as well.

Quicker and cheaper.

I can provide these services quicker and cheaper than you’re probably getting them for now and I am completely dedicated to making the process as simple as possible for you.

No waiting. No hoping. No outrageous billing invoices.


Need Some Help With Your Website & SEO?

Let me take care of these things while you take care of your business!