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Search engines like Google absolutely love good website structure.

And you want search engines like to Google to love your website, right?

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I help small businesses in Toronto and Durham Region improve the structure of their websites for better customer / viewer usability and technical SEO improvements.

Want to know the secret to developing a great website structure?

Actually, it’s not that much of a secret but it IS something that a LOT of websites have failed to do. And this means that YOU can definitely benefit from THEIR mistakes.

But first, here’s something you probably shouldn’t do.

I used to think that keeping all of the web pages in the top level directory would make it easier for Google to index my sites.

Turns out I was wrong about that.

I still got good results, but as it turns out Google has developed a need to see that a website is organised.

Check out the following image. All of the web pages are in the root directory and are linked from the Home Page at the top. Google would find those pages easily enough but the order of the website could be improved:

Using proper directory levels for your website.

Unless you have a very small website (with 4-8 pages, for example), you probably have enough content that can fit into at least 2 categories.

How to set up a logical directory structure.

The first thing Google wants to know – even before whether your website is any good or not – is what your website is about. Structuring it in a way that is easy for Google to crawl and index will enable them to properly place your website in the search results.

Now check out this image where I have added some folders that contain the web pages that are related. The overall flow is improved and you can see how Google might better-interpret what this website is about:

Adding directory folders to website structure.

Here is my list of things you can do to ensure that your website will be indexed not only properly, but where the SEO factor will be high as well.

Naming your directories.

This is probably the simplest thing you can do and you can think of it like naming categories. Keep it simple, be precise and just make it a logical path from your home page. If your website is about “shoes”, your directory folders could easily be named “mens-shoes”, womens-shoes” and childrens-shoes”.

And within those folders would be pages named “childrens-running-shoes.html”, “childrens-dress-shoes.html”, etc.

Now, depending on how deeply you need your content to go, you may even want to add more directories from within other directories, but for this I would say be careful because it’s easy to go from informative to confusing and you never want to confuse a search engine.

One level down is generally far enough.

Everything related should link together.

This is a little trickier to make happen, but with good organisation and a little thought put into it beforehand, the logic of it for your website should begin to make sense.

In the following image, I have linked-together all of the pages within each of the category folders:

Linking related pages together for better SEO.

As you can now see, the structure is obvious and Google will have no problem figuring out what your website is about, what you have available and where everything is. If you want to check out a couple of examples of what I’m referring to, visit and Click around and pay attention to the URLs in the address bar and you’ll see what I’ve been talking about. Structure = Logic. Always.

Navigating your website should be easy.

Ever been on a website where nothing made sense and everything was difficult to find? I have.

It really is unnecessary and you don’t want to annoy your visitors to the point where they leave your website.

Want to learn more about SEO and website structure? has written extensively on this subject and you can check out their article on Intelligent Site Structure for better SEO if you would like to learn more.


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