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Website management can be a frustrating experience for a lot of small business owners. You’re already busy enough and, let’s face it, most people don’t want to be bothered dealing with the various things that come with running a website.

And this is especially so when they aren’t even sure what things like domain names and web hosting even are.

If knowing that you “need a website” is your limit, here is a bit of a primer on what some of these things are:

Website management Toronto Durham Region

Consider hiring me if you feel like your current web person is letting you down or if you’re getting bogged-down trying to do everything yourself.

What types of things are involved with website management?

Domain Names

That’s the name of a website, without the “www” part. Like “” or “”. They could have called them “Website Names”, but what would be the fun in not making something technical even more confusing? Nope, they went with “Domain Names”, so that’s what we’re stuck with. Just try and remember that “Domain Name” is the same as “Website Name”.

Some things to consider when buying a domain name include:

  • How much you are paying. Different companies offer different pricing.
  • The suffix, like .com, or .ca, for example.
  • The length of time between renewals.
  • Are you going to host your website with the same company?

Web Hosting

This is where your website is stored, or held. It will be on a computer somewhere – usually referred to as a “server” – in the world and will be accessed whenever someone types your website name into their browser. Someone types your name and the computer where your website is will “serve” it to the viewer.

That’s a fairly simple concept, but there are a ton of web hosting companies around that offer a ton of packages and not knowing what you specifically need can get a little expensive. And confusing.

Some things to consider when buying web hosting include:

  • The price. Again.
  • How much web space do you need?
  • How fast is the service?
  • Do they guarantee “uptime”?
  • Are they secure?
  • Are services like PHP included?

All that is left to do at that point is point your domain name to your server via “DNS” and you’re all set.

Sound confusing? That’s OK. All of this is confusing when you aren’t used to dealing with it and it’s another reason why you really should have one person handling it for you. You will have a username and password for each and you need to be able to access them in order to make any changes to your website.

Important: As a website owner, you should always have a copy of your usernames, passwords, website addresses, etc., and insist on receiving any changes made to your accounts. Having all of your login information in one place is also a good idea.

Website management is an important part of running an online business and one that is easily overlooked. If you find that it’s just another chore around the office, let me take care of it and it will be one less thing for you to worry about.


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