How To Transfer A Google Analytics Account To Another User

How To Transfer A Google Analytics Account To Another User

Transfer a Google Analytics account to new owner

It used to be difficult to transfer a Google Analytics account to a new owner. Not any more.

I run into a lot of clients who have different accounts under different email addresses and I always recommend they keep everything under ONE email address if at all possible. For example, their Google Analytics account might be under one email address and their Google Search Console account might be under another one. This can go on and on and a lot of times they don’t even have access to the email addresses (because someone else or another company created those accounts on their behalf).

This article was created on July 23, 2017

Sometimes I’ll create a new Gmail address for them that will be used specifically for this purpose and then we have to gain access to all of their existing accounts and transfer them to the new one. It sounds difficult, but it can be done quickly and easily. Follow these steps and you’ll transfer a Google Analytics account to another user in 5 minutes or less.

In order to transfer your account, you basically need to add someone to your existing account and then they will remove you as a user from their side afterward. It probably sounds a little confusing but you’ll see what we’re doing as we go along and it really does only take a few minutes to complete.

This article deals with Google Analytics, but this principle stands for ALL Google accounts, such as Search Console, MyBusiness and any other Google account you may be dealing with.

Step One: Log Into Your Google Analytics Account

From your HOME screen, look for the ADMIN link at the bottom of the panel on the left side of the screen and click it. As of July, 2017, this is located directly beneath the DISCOVER link (with light bulb icon):

Step 1 - Log into Google Analytics

Step Two: Go into “User Management”

In the left column (ACCOUNTS), use the drop-down menu and choose the account you want to transfer and then select “User Management”.

Step Two - Select your Analytics account

Step Three: Add New User

At the bottom of the User Management page, add the email address of the new user in the “Add Permissions” section.

In the box to the right, use the pull-down menu and check each box so the new user will have full permissions and be sure to check the “Notify this user by email” box.

Now click the “ADD” button.

The new user will receive an email confirming they now have full access to that account.

Step Three - Add new user permissions

The final step would be for the new Administrator to delete access to the old Administrator’s email address.

Always insist on owning your information.

If you are using a third-party to manage your accounts, always insist that the accounts are created using an email address that you have access to and that they are added to your account. The control should always be in your hands and I’ll be happy to help you organize your accounts if you need a hand.


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