Mobile website SEO for small businesses in Toronto and Durham Region.

Mobile SEO focuses on local search engine results, users, website speed, content and more than just providing a responsive website.

Web design and mobile website SEO go hand-in-hand and presenting people with an acceptable viewing experience has always been a challenge. This challenge continues with the increase in mobile phone usage, and the types of different phones and operating systems (like Apple and Android) seems to expand all the time. Finding a way to display your website consistently across all of those platforms and potential customers is crucial.

Mobile website SEO Toronto Durham Region.

Mobile website SEO for small business websites in Toronto and Durham Region.

What are the differences between a mobile site and a responsive one?

Typically, a mobile website will be a separate version of your regular website and dedicated to mobile viewers. A lot of times, the mobile website will have less pages than the main version, but those pages will contain the most relevant or important info that users tend to look for on their phones. Mobile websites are often scripted to detect who is visiting and will serve the website that best fits their device. The content may or may not be different, however the formatting almost always is so that everything is bigger or displayed in a more viewable manner.

A responsive website, on the other hand, is not dedicated to any one platform and is scripted in such a way that it will detect the user’s device (desktop, tablet or smart-phone) and rearrange the site’s layout and formatting to deliver the best viewing experience. The content is always the same (unless you hide some of it) and responsive websites are usually good enough for most people and businesses.

Do you need a mobile site?

Absolutely, or at least you need a mobile-friendly version of your website because Google now demands it. Websites that are not mobile-friendly will lose their search rankings, which will include any ground you have gained in the local search arena as well. It’s very costly and something no business can afford to lose.

As of 2015, the number of people searching using their cell phones to search for things has surpassed the number of people using fixed computers – like a desktop computer – and that number will only continue to grow. With this in mind, and with the limited amount of viewing space on a mobile phone, a dedicated mobile website can be an important piece to your overall SEO strategy. It should also be noted that the trend toward local searches and mobile SEO has begun and you will definitely miss out on a lot of local traffic and potential customers if you aren’t ready for it.

And now we know why you should probably have a mobile version of your website.

But what about optimising it? Are there any differences between regular website SEO and mobile website SEO? Yep, there are, and here are a few examples to point you in the right direction.

Mobile searches tend to be more urgent than desktop searches.

Localized Search Engine Results

If you haven’t already noticed, searching for something on your computer and then on your cell phone will probably yield different results. This is because the search engine assumes that you are in fact mobile if you are using a cell phone and tries to find results that are closest to you at that moment. In that case, it is going to favour a website that has mobile access to it. And it should. If I’m in Whitby searching for “Mexican food”, I don’t need results from Toronto. Having your business listed correctly in Google’s “My Business” directory will also help with your local search results.


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