Local SEO Services in Toronto and Durham Region.

Local SEO services for search are crucial for any small business to target local website viewers and customers.

Local SEO services“, as they are now known, simply refer to focusing on organic search results that are based on a person’s geographical location while he or she searches for good and services.

Not too long ago, searches were pretty much restricted to whoever came up first, regardless of where that online business was located. If they had good Organic SEO for their website, they would come up for various keywords in a search. Local Search has changed this.

Local SEO

In fact, you’ve probably encountered this yourself where you searched for “good chicken wings” (or whatever) and got results that weren’t even in Ontario, let alone Toronto. “Local Search” has changed this and we can thank the increase in mobile phone usage for it. Try it sometime when you’re out and then search again from your home computer. You’ll see that the search results are a bit different.

Why is Local SEO important for your business?

Because search is changing and search engines like Google are trying to deliver the most relevant results possible.

Focusing on local SEO services for your small business website will specifically target more customers who work, live, play and shop in your particular area.

That’s really the best way to explain it, but there is also the need for your business to stand out and be recognised over your competitors, and this is especially true in the entertainment and restaurant industry where competitors exist on your very street, let alone in your geographical area.

What does Local SEO consist of?

There are many factors to consider, but here’s a quick list to get you started:

Where is your business located?

In most cases, a business that is located in a specific area will appear in the local search results ahead of a business that isn’t based in that area, regardless of the quality of their website.

In other words, a business located in Whitby will do better for local SEO results for Whitby than a business located in Ajax or Oshawa will.

It is important to focus on – and lock-into – your own area before trying to expand your SEO.

Is your website Mobile Friendly?

If not, take care of that right away and before you bother with anything else. As of April 21, 2015, Google announced that it will penalize websites that do not have mobile friendly websites and those affected will see a drop in their local search engine rankings.

Do you have a Google+ Business listing?

If not, you definitely should set one up ASAP and be sure to include your full business name, address and contact information. Add photos and whatever other information relates to your business and use consistent information in all of these types of profiles.

Local SEO simply refers to organic search results that are based on a person’s location while he or she searches for something.

Do you have active accounts with Bing Places for Business and Yelp?

Much the same as with the Google+ Business account, it is important that your business is as visible as possible with the main business directories. Be accurate with your main business information and ensure that it is entered consistently across websites. This includes your business address, hours of operation, telephone and email addresses, etc.

Have you listed your city in your meta title tags?

This is often overlooked, but it is something Google looks for and it’s an easy addition to your website. City and province is sufficient, but add your specific area if you have room left over.

Add a blog to your website and start writing!

Creating content that focuses on local issues is a great way to get your website out there. The more active you are in a local sense, the better your results will be. Reach out to other local websites and blogs that either share your market space or can help to promote it.

For example, a lot of “Moms” have blogs that cover tons of topics. If you see a connection or, more specifically, a way to provide them with some benefit, contact them and introduce yourself. Maybe you can offer their viewers / readers discounts to your products. Or maybe you can run a monthly contest that is exclusive to their audience.

Be creative.

Optimize your website logo and images.

You can name your images using keywords and add them to your ALT tags as well. Every little bit helps and the search engines begin to recognise a theme as they go through your website.

Do you have Social Networking accounts like Facebook and Twitter?

As far as exposure goes, you can never have enough of these accounts as they provide the opportunity for you to gain shares and popularity.

And now you know something about Local SEO!

Local SEO Services: Don’t leave home without them!

Optimizing your website for local SEO consideration can be a daunting task and, depending on the amount of time you have, you might want to hire someone to make sure that everything is covered.


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