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For a lot of companies such as your own, the simple truth is that you are probably taking on too much, too soon. Depending on your budget and how much time you have to put into your own SEO, sometimes it's best to find a smaller market (niche) to focus on and build outward as you gain traction in the search engine results. This is also what people like me are talking about when we tell you that "SEO takes time".

But being creative is key, because using the same old keywords is what most of your competitors have already been doing for years.

And they've been doing it with the help of a lot of those Toronto SEO companies.

Doing well in search these days means being visible in Local Search Results. When you think about how dense Toronto is these days, each area has the potential to deliver a lot of customers.

And all you have to do is find them.

My local Toronto SEO services include:

Social Media SEO, including a Google+ page with your local business information and location map

Proper formatting of your business address, telephone number, hours of operation, etc.

Adding several photographs to your business pages

Ensuring that your business information is accurate and consistent across the web

Link-building from relevant and local websites

Encouraging previous and future customers to leave positive reviews online

Adding local business Microdata / JSON-LD / Schema to your website

Local citation building (it's a good thing, don't worry)

There is lots more to be done, but this will get you up and running.

Organic SEO & Natural Search Results

Ranking naturally, or getting good rankings in the organic search results, is related to the keywords that you focus on. And not just the obvious ones, but creative ones that really connect with what you are about. You want traffic coming to your website that converts into sales, so let's not just focus on what might bring in the most traffic, but the best kind of traffic.

Want to get together and talk about it? We can meet at my Toronto office or I can visit you on-site, wherever you may be located. Our first meeting is free and will allow us to figure out what you need and how we can get it done as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

Oh, and affordably, too.

Contact me for a free SEO quote and let's see what can be done to get you more customers.

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