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Let's start with a typical SEO story.

You're a small business owner with a local business in Pickering. You have a website (that cost a lot of money in the first place), but it doesn't get much traffic and, of the traffic it does happen to get, not much of it converts into anything meaningful. Affordable Pickering SEO for small business websites.

You do a bit of research online and start to learn about what SEO is and why it's supposed to be important and you eventually get around to typing something like "Pickering SEO companies" into Google.

You start calling the SEO companies that came up in the search and find that they're all really nice and claim they can help. They all say the same sorts of things like "directory submissions", "local SEO", "link building" and "regular content updates" and, since you remember reading about these things, you agree to sign a contract and work with them for 6 months.

You figure that ranking for something like "Pickering SEO" seems reasonable and they pretty much guarantee that you can (although they won't specifically state that you will).

You're all set, right? Not so fast.

Little changes over the next while, but you're out $3k-5k (or even more) and would like to try something else.

Before I say anything else, I should probably make it clear that not all SEO companies are evil. They're not, and a lot of them do good work and get results for their clients. The folks over at TechWyse in Toronto, for example, are a decent bunch who provide above-average online marketing services for a decent rate.

The problem is that some of the supoosed SEO companies routinely offer people the same outdated and ineffective services that were popular 10 years ago and hold them hostage via monthly contracts and early-cancellation penalties.

And when I say "outdated" SEO services, I'm talking about things like "website directory submissions" as some sort of legit link-building campaign or insisting that they publish fresh blog posts each week on your behalf.

To me, these are simply 'make-work' projects that some of those companies use to ensure their survival and the time, money and resources could definitely be better spent on other things.

But let's get back to our tale as it does have a happy ending.

You've used a larger SEO company and aren't too happy with the results. You're a little skeptical now and definitely turned-off by the monthly costs. You're not made of money and you'd like to see some real results if you're going to be paying for it.

After a period of time, I tend to get "the call".

And this is what I pretty much say to everyone:

When it comes to small business SEO, there really are only three things to consider:

  1. How competitive your industry is.
  2. Finding the people who are likely to buy and getting them onto your website.
  3. Getting them to buy once they are on your website.

That's it.

My local Pickering SEO services include:

Social Media SEO, including a Google+ page with your local business information and location map

Proper formatting of your business address, telephone number, hours of operation, etc.

Adding several photographs to your business pages

Ensuring that your business information is accurate and consistent across the web

Link-building from relevant and local websites

Encouraging previous and future customers to leave positive reviews online

Adding local business Microdata / JSON-LD / Schema to your website

Local citation building (it's a good thing, don't worry)

We start by learning how strong your online competitors are and decide on an approach. For example, if you sell work-wear and think you're going to go up against companies like "Marks Work Wearhouse", you aren't. Well, you can try, but you'll be disappointed.

In this case you would need to find some niche terms to develop your website around and work your way in over time. There are no magic bullets or quick fixes.

Hire me for an SEO consultation!

If you would like to see what I can do for you, hire me for a 4-hour initial consultation.

I will use that time to research which keywords and search phrases are most likely to convert for you and how we can go about strengthening your website around these niche markets.

I'll even come to your location for an hour and discuss your website with you in person.

Past that, it's up to you if you would like to continue and you're on the hook for nothing.

No hidden fees. No contracts. No obligation whatsoever.

Additional work will be decided by us and we can go hourly or I can package a number of hours for you.

Sound Fair? Let's Get Started!

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