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Get higher search engine rankings, website traffic and paying customers for your small business anywhere in Durham Region.

You own and run a small business somewhere in Durham Region and would like to capitalize on the thousands of people you know are out there and probably heading to places like Toronto to spend their money. You do a quick search for “Durham Region SEO“, find my website and decide to get in touch, because you need some help with getting more viewers to your website.

Local Durham Region SEO services.

I provide local SEO services for small business websites in all of Durham Region, including Pickering, Ajax, Whitby & Oshawa. And, yes: this is an obligatory image of something related to Durham Region and aptly named “local-seo-services-durham-region.jpg”.

You’ve probably also figured out at this point, through some trial-and-error of your own, that there is quite a bit involved to “this SEO stuff” and that you just don’t have the time to figure it out.

And you’ve probably also figured out that this can quickly become an uncertain and expensive process.

Are you considering using a larger SEO company?

The larger companies will almost certainly assure you that they can help you to achieve some pretty wonderful search engine rankings, partially because they can (in some instances), but mainly because they need the work.

Given this reality, two things are certain:

  1. You might get good results.
  2. They will absolutely get paid.

Sounds like nice work if you can it, right?

Here are some definite SEO myths:

We can help you!

This is a standard approach, because any SEO company worth its salt can help anyone, right?

The truth is that they can’t help everyone, or at least they can’t help everyone as they are initially presented.

Put another way, someone trying to rank in a competitive industry won’t get very far no matter how much money, skill and time go into it. “Weight-Loss” and “Clothes for Girls (or boys)” come to mind and there are a ton of others that are already taken by brands, paid search results and corporations that have endless promotional budgets. Oddly enough, “SEO” is one of those competitive spaces as well.

As a small business owner, you have to consider the costs of SEO against your expected return on investment (ROI). There’s no point in spending a lot of money only to rank for obscure terms that few people search for.

The bottom line is that companies will take your money if you’re willing to pay them, regardless of outcome, and I am constantly contacted by people who have experienced this first-hand.

You need to sign a contract.

This appears to be the working standard these days, but there’s no real reason for it other than to ensure income for the company on an ongoing basis. They’ve got you there and want to seal the deal, so to speak, before you get cold-feet or decide to take a few months off and it reminds me of how the fitness places used to treat people and we all know what kind of trouble they got into over it.

Contracts only benefit one party in this case.

And it’s not you.

I, on the other hand, don’t bother with contracts and you are always free to do as you please. If you’d like to take a few months off, that’s fine. If you want to try another approach elsewhere, that’s fine as well. I have plenty of work and forcing you to work with me isn’t something I’m interested in doing.

You need to constantly update your website.

As with a lot of things, there’s a kernel of truth in this one.

Google cares about websites that have the best and most relevant content and not so much about how frequently they’re updated.

It used to be true but not so much now.

These 500 word blog posts that the SEO companies insist you create every week will make little difference overall. For example, I go months at a time without updating this website and my rankings have actually gone up over the past year.

Some might argue that adding frequent blog posts would have improved my rankings even more, however that’s not the case. I have created a lot of pages on this website that are informative and apparently enjoyable for the people who have come to the website and THAT is what Google wants to see. Without the actual content, not much else matters.

Think about it this way: if simply updating your website got great results, everyone would have great results.

Toronto isn’t Durham Region and neither of those are Pickering.

SEO is a finicky thing and your approach in part depends on what you are trying to target.

Toronto is a big place but is, as a whole, still referred to as Toronto.

Durham Region, on the other hand, represents a bunch of places like Pickering and Oshawa.

And Pickering simply represents Pickering.

Being able to clearly see your demographics and what you are selling is a big part of being successful.

I can provide Durham Region SEO services for business websites in the following areas:

I can also do anywhere in-between as well, but you get the idea.

Getting more traffic is harder when you compete with larger areas.

In order to compete for higher Google search engine rankings with the larger urban areas – such as Toronto –
your website will need to reflect your services and why you should get more website traffic and product sales.
Having an optimized website that focuses on your website’s relevant content will definitely help.

And so will a local online presence.

Local search really is where it’s at these days and you’re losing a TON of potential business if you’re not set up properly. If you’re in the Durham Region area and would like to talk about SEO for your website, I’ll gladly listen.


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